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a.k.a. Tuskito's secret paths and crossroads of dog enlightenment

▽ Other projects and artists

Other projects

I'm part of these other cool projects! Check them out!

Union Zine
Yiff! Zine

Cool artist buddies's homepages

Aski's website
Boxie's Realms
The Artwork of Brother Rat
Tusky Rayan's page
Naudiz's Art
Patrick Totally at 469
ItsYaBoy Pedro's homepage

If you want a button to link to my homepage in your website, feel free to use this one: .

▢ More cool furry stuff online

Public Transit Love Story: an amazing comic by the even more amazing Throatspit. The kind of comic that makes you go "this person loves comics". It explores self-discovery and being a furry through some of the best art I've ever seen in this fandom. One of my favorite things ever.

No human left. All is dog.
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