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a.k.a. Tuskito's secret paths and crossroads of dog enlightenment


I'm tusk and I'm a gay furry artist from Brazil who's mostly interested in exploring homosexuality through anthropomorphism and in engaging with the language of comics, my lifelong obsession, in the realm of visual arts.
Beware, however, for I also might stink.

Where to find me:

Both twitter and the telegram channel will have untagged art that depicts nudity, so be careful if that's not something you'd like to see. Other websites should have everything properly categorized. Feel free to inform me if anything's not properly tagged.

What to expect of each site
Fur Affinity is more complete, with all of my recent works and commissions and also a lot of sketches. Twitter is also complete but navigating it is a mess. Itaku is another gallery site but it doesn't have everything that FA has. Bluesky and Telegram suffer from file compression that ruins a lot of details in my bigger pieces. Tumblr has some of my earlier traditional works but it's missing more explicit stuff since the site does not allow it anymore. Finally, Cohost hasn't been updated in a while because they lack an official API and thus aren't supported by PostyBirb.

Conclusion: Fur Affinity is most likely the best place to check my art.

Contact me:

For commissions, contact me through my email, tuskitoart@gmail.com.
Feel free to also contact me through DMs on any of the sites above but I really prefer if you use my email.
You can check prices in the Commission info section.

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